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Who the Cod do you believe?

Posted by Philip MacMullen, Head of Environment on 11 June 2012

On the same day I read, 'Norway, Iceland cod stocks booming', 'Cod will vanish in 10 years', 'EU: fish stocks improving', and 'EU...could decide whether species go on hurtling towards extinction'.

Whilst I could subscribe to much of the medicine prescribed in the Sunday Times '...more

The story of North Sea Cod

Posted by Bill Lart, Sustainability and Data Advisor on 07 August 2017

It wasn't so long ago that stocks of North Sea cod were at historically low levels. As recently as 2006, stocks had fallen to just 44,000 tonnes, dropping dramatically from 200-300,000 tonnes in the 1960s and early 1970s. However, the welcome announcement last month from the Marine Stewa...more