Seafish awarded 'One to Watch' by Times 100 Best Companies accreditation - March blog

Posted by Ursula O'Brien, HR Director on 13 March 2018

When Seafish began its journey to becoming Times 100 accredited we did it with the desire to become the best possible organisation we could and as attractive a proposition for potential employees as possible.

Last October 91% of Seafish employees participated in a staff survey run by the Times Best Companies Accreditation organisation. The results of this survey were used to measure us against almost 800 other UK organisations.

The Times 100 Best Companies Survey has now officially branded us as a 'One to Watch' when it comes to being an employer of choice in the Not for Profit sector.

So what does this mean for Seafish employees and what does it mean for our stakeholders? The award measures staff engagement and satisfaction, and this is important as it is proven beyond doubt that highly engaged employees are simply more productive.

While people define engagement in various ways, I prefer a plain and simple definition: people want to come to work, understand their jobs, and know how their work contributes to the success of the organization. Studies show that highly engaged employees are more diligent and more likely to produce their best work.

Organisations with higher levels of engagement report lower levels of employee absence, lower staff turnover and attract top talent. It has also been reported that high levels of engagement correlate with lower levels of defects and higher safety standards. In an industry that has significant inherent risk, this is really important for our industry.

But what do our survey results tell us about our people? They tell us our employees have a strong sense of wellbeing and believe the organisation values work life balance. Our employees know that the good work they do will be recognised by their manager. Our staff are proud to work for Seafish and therefore fantastic ambassadors nationally and internationally for promoting the industry and delivering the new Corporate Plan.

Achieving this great result is a true reflection of where we rank with our other not for profit peers. It gives us data points to focus on that will further improve engagement and thereby deliver even better results for the industry, while making sure we maximise the potential of our people through personal and career development is a key strategy for delivering our Annual and Corporate Plans.

At Seafish we are committed to ensuring we are providing the best service possible to our stakeholders. Our people are our biggest asset - looking after them will help us look after the industry. Onwards and upwards.