RFS Support Course generates positive feedback

Posted by Anton Dietschel-Buehler, Head of Technical at Flatfish on 14 June 2016

I have to admit that I was quite sceptical when attending the RFS one day support course but it turned out to be a very positive experience for Flatfish. The RFS is something we are passionate about embracing as it aligns with our own ethical and sustainable values and the course certainly aided my understanding of the RFS and made it clear to me why it is such a positive scheme to be involved in.

I think the course was helped by the smaller number of delegates that took part. This allowed for a very intensive session, where each voice could be heard and helped to generate some important discussions between people from all areas of the industry.

The course was also a unique opportunity to gain insight into the RFS process and it was great to equip ourselves with this knowledge and be in a position to help others too. Any doubts I had about the RFS were removed and I would confidently recommend the scheme to others.

It is a very exciting time to be a part of Flatfish. We are currently going through a massive expansion and nearly £3 million has been invested in improving our business flow and streamlining our process. This and our commitment to schemes such as the RFS give us the chance to set ourselves apart from others and will help place us at the forefront of raising standards across the industry.
That's why it was such a thrill and a great accolade to receive the Fish Processor of the Year Award (sponsored by Seafish) at the Fishing News Awards. It is always nice to receive recognition for your work and we will continue to be proactive in pushing for more sustainable and ethical produce.

It's amazing to see the level of engagement in the industry on these issues and here at Flatfish there is a real desire to achieve a transparent, ethical and sustainable seafood industry that can prosper for many years to come.