Opportunities for seafood in the growing, £53bn commercial foodservice market

Posted by Julia Brooks, Market Insight Analyst on 06 October 2016

The recent Humber Seafood Summit gave me the opportunity to present my research findings relating to seafood's performance in the growing £53bn foodservice market. My research combined market performance (from NPD Crest) with menu trends (from Technomic) and highlighted several key opportunities that I have summarised below.

Headline opportunities:
• Quick Service Restaurants (excluding Fish and Chips shops) are the most frequently visited outlets but consumers only purchase seafood on 5% of their visits.
• Fish and Chip Shops seafood sales are declining so outlets must make their offer more relevant.
• Full Service Restaurants' servings are showing strong and stable growth and should include seafood.
• Shellfish if marketed towards younger consumers could drive future growth.

Tactics and tools:
• Constantly innovate to maintain consumer interest and adapt to meet consumers' needs and expectation.
• Target young consumers to eat more seafood and especially shellfish.
• Introduce hand-held seafood meals for eating whilst on the move.
• Expand small dish, sharing ranges for casual meal occasions.

Key menu trends:
• Indulgent breaded seafood for small sharing dishes.
• Ethnic and spicy flavour combinations with seafood are increasing.
• Rich, fruit and herb notes are becoming more popular with seafood.
• Location and sustainability cues add value and provenance to seafood meals.

If you would like to know more, click here to download a full copy of the presentation or send me an email, Julia.Brooks@Seafish.co.uk if you have any questions.