Brian Young's blog - a call for new board members

Posted on 14 June 2018

Seafish is committed to engaging with our stakeholders across the UK and so it is always a pleasure for the Seafish Board to get out and about to meet representatives from the industry.  In February we were in Grimsby, where the 'Beast from the East' interrupted many of our best laid plans but last month, we were greeted by more clement weather as we travelled to Oban, Scotland  for the May Seafish Board meeting. This was the first Board meeting of the financial year and a great opportunity to welcome new Board members, Mike Mitchell and Nathan De Rozarieux to the team.

The long journey didn't diminish the desire of the Seafish Board and Executive to engage with as many stakeholders as possible whilst we were there. Day One started with two fantastic presentations to the Board from industry representatives.  One key challenge they were facing was the supply and demand of brown crab and it was great to be able to subsequently call on our market insight data and export guidance to help their business directly.

Next stop on our first day was a trip to the Lochnell Oyster Farm.  It was fascinating to see the growth stages of these oysters and hear about the current challenges in oyster farming and business supply.

Our afternoon was spent at the Scottish Association of Marine Sciences (SAMS). After that we travelled  to the Dunstaffnage Training Centre to hear from Frankie Horne (RNLI) and Lachie Patterson (Associated Training Provider) about their current work which has a key focus on keeping fishermen safe.  It is impossible not to be inspired when surrounded by such passion. A video of the Coldwater Shock Training which had been used to show fishermen the life-saving benefits of wearing a PFD was illuminating and only served to emphasize the vital nature of our work, educating fishermen about safety and the importance of wearing PFDs.

The day was brought to the perfect end with a relaxed dinner with many of our stakeholders from the area; a further opportunity for us all to listen to their views and highlight the work Seafish does as we work towards our goal of a thriving seafood industry.

Day two focused upon working through the formal Board Meeting agenda but prior to that we received an enlightening presentation from the CEO of Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited, Kevin Hobbs.

All in all a fabulous couple of days, giving the Board further insight into the challenges and opportunities faced by our stakeholders and how Seafish can help address some of these challenges.

We continue on our Seafish journey, with Peterhead as our next stopping point for our Board Meeting in September. We still have three vacant places on the Seafish Board which DEFRA is currently recruiting to.  Please follow this link to apply.

We look forward to hearing from you. 

Brian Young, Chair, Seafish Board