Amazing innovation on show as Kingfisher attend “Norfishing 2016”

Posted by Matt Frow on 23 August 2016

Norfishing is the largest catching sector fishing exhibition in Europe, attracting over 500 exhibitors and ~20,000 visitors over the four days. The show has operated in Trondheim since the 1960's and is now held every two years, alternating with Danfish (Denmark's fishing show).

We have attended the show on behalf of our main awareness projects - FishSAFE, ORCA and Kingfisher Bulletin - for the past 10 years. This is to highlight the importance of having the latest positions of offshore structures on-board and for skippers to be aware of potentially conflicting activities.

At each show Norfishing present its Innovation Award. This year, three projects were shortlisted, with "Scantrol Deep Vision" winning first place:

1. Scantrol Deep Vision (Norwegian Institute for Marine Research (IMR))
Deep vision is a camera system in the fishing gear which identifies and measures fish underwater. The system has been used successfully in research, reducing the need to bring fish on-board by allowing them to swim straight through the cod end. It is thought there are also commercial opportunities, by helping improve the sustainable fishing and decision making on catch for skippers.

 1. Deep Vision

2.  Catch monitoring in demersal seine (Norwegian Institute for Marine Research (IMR))
Essentially, the system is a modification of the Danish Seine, with two or more openings in the net, that expand when the desired amount of fish are caught, allowing any additional fish to escape. This allows fishermen to limit their catches on the grounds of safety of their vessel, their capacity to process the fish and the quality of the fish.
2. Demersal Seine

3.  The world's first fully electric fishing vessel, "Karoline" (Selfa Arctic AS)
The 11m, 195kw vessel has been tested to work successfully over a 10 hour fishing day. Batteries are charged for approximately £10 each night - there is also a backup generator on-board. The initial cost of production is said to be larger than a standard powered vessel, and tax incentives, such as VAT reductions, may be required to make this competitive.

3. Electric Fishing Vessel

Overall the show proved extremely popular, with a wide range of exhibitors and visitors from across the seafood industry. The exhibition would certainly be a worthwhile adventure in 2018 for some other Seafish colleagues.

From a personal perspective, it would be fantastic to come here someday with the Norwegian oil & gas data, although disappointingly, the Norwegians are yet to see the benefit of our projects for their waters - despite numerous dangerous fishing vessel snags with their structures, we do not know of any so far that have led to a loss of life, which sadly is often the trigger for people to take action. 

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