SeaWeb Seafood Summit 2015

Posted by Paul Williams, Chief Executive on 11 February 2015

One of the issues that we regularly debate in Seafish is attendance at international seafood conferences. We try hard to make sure that we are balancing the costs of travel and of losing staff from the day job, with the benefits of getting new knowledge and sharing our progress. The judgement is all about whether we are ultimately going to add something useful that will benefit our industry.

A regular event where we often have a presence is the international Seafood Summit. This week the 11th Seafood Summit held in New Orleans took place with Seafish in attendance. Our aim was to learn about new and existing developments in sustainable seafood and, importantly, to tell the world about work here in the UK - we will update you on how this went once our colleagues touch back down onto UK soil. The Summit brings together representatives from the seafood industry and conservation community from across the globe, for in-depth discussions, presentations and networking, all with the goal of making the seafood marketplace environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.

In New Orleans there were  five key themes covered, and 'Preventing human rights abuses in seafood supply chains' particularly appealed to Seafish as this is an area that we have been focusing on. Libby Woodhatch participated in a panel discussion alongside representatives from the Environmental Justice Foundation, Fair Trade USA and the U.S. Department of State.  We also hosted an evening reception, where we presented our revised Responsible Fishing Scheme (RFS) to the attendees, demonstrating the world-leading position our industry has adopted.


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