Seafish Round Up March 2016

Posted by Mel Groundsell, Corporate Relations Director on 08 March 2016

The first year of our new Corporate Plan draws to a close this month which has made for a busy time at Seafish. It can be a daunting task to look back over the full detail of 12 months' work but it's also very gratifying - for the most part I've been impressed with how much we have achieved in just a short time, and with so small a team. Our Delivery Report for 2015/16 will be published around May, when we have our audited accounts for the year. This 'look back' is an exercise we carried our last year in reference to our previous round of work and it was very well received by industry stakeholders, who appreciated the candour with which we presented that Delivery Report.

Just as importantly, we're also looking ahead to the launch of our new Annual Plan next month - year two of our current Corporate Plan 2015-18. For the most part, the work we will be setting out is a continuation of what has gone before, with no major surprises. This is a good thing, in my mind, as it helps ensure some forward stability while still leaving room for a flexible approach as needs arise. Our work for the year is set out under three simple objectives - to promote consumption, enhance reputation and inform decisions - pretty much everything we do is in pursuit of one or more of those aims which gives us all great clarity of purpose and helps focus our efforts.

If you haven't already had the chance to flick though our very natty digital offer around the Corporate Plan, click through to the website - it's an easy, at-a-glance view of what we are doing and should give you some ideas of where and how you can access that work and share the benefit of our outputs.

Our three Sector Panels are right in the thick of all this, of course, not least because both annual plans and delivery reports all fall out of the work Panel members requested in our Corporate Plan 2015-18. The Panels have reviewed our delivery so far this year and will be first on our list when it comes to showcasing the 2015-16 Delivery Report. The new Annual Plan has also been to our recent Panel meetings, and of course, to the Seafish Board, which gave the document its official stamp of approval when it met last month in Grimsby.

The Panel meetings aren't just about planning and reporting - they offer us Seafish staff a great opportunity to get closer to the industry we serve and members' input has been hugely beneficial on so many fronts. As the director responsible for increasing seafood consumption, I've been grateful for the many doors our Panel members have helped open - more and more I see industry signing up to support our big campaigns and that is adding real volume to our promotional activity - I sense a growing crowd of like-minded seafood fans all shouting 'more people eating more fish more often' in perfect harmony - and together, we are making quite some noise!