Seafish Round Up December 2015

Posted by Janice Andersson, Acting Senior Executive on 08 December 2015

It's December, and of course for most of us that means Christmas and all that that entails. Of course in industry the festive period is a busy time for everyone along the supply chain, from the catching sector to processing and retail, with plans in place well in advance to ensure industry makes the most of this important time.

Key to this is getting more consumers to eat more seafood more often, both at Christmas and throughout the year and that aim sits at the heart of Seafish as one of our key objectives for consumption. Our projects and campaigns such as the award-winning omega-3 campaign and the return of Seafood Week are helping to drive consumer demand for seafood. Our recent consumer insight seminar in Grimsby brought many across industry together including some of our key levy payers to hear from world class experts about upcoming trends and what influences shoppers in the world of seafood.

Of course, before the consumer sits down to great quality fish or seafood this holiday season, whether party canapes or a luxury New Year's Eve menu, there's a long journey to get the food to the table for them to enjoy. Our work at Seafish this year has been equally focused on our support for the catching and processing sector. Our revised Responsible Fishing Scheme is continuing to roll out across the UK and this year we've presented RFS on the world stage, along with our Ethics work to great acclaim.

We all know in industry that fishing can be a dangerous business. Our Safety team has been continuing the great work of the Sea You Home Safe campaign this year, with 1000s of PFDs distributed to fishermen alongside further training both at sea and onshore. Christmas more than any other time is a chance for families to get together and celebrating with their nearest and dearest. I'm especially proud of our work that's not only enhancing the industry's reputation but saving lives and protecting families from the devastating impact losing a loved one at sea can bring.

Of course these are only a few highlights of what has been an exceptional year for Seafish. As the year draws to a close it wouldn't be right for me to end without mentioning the departure of our Chair Elaine Hayes, whose tenure on the Seafish Board finishes at the end of the year. I'd like to express my appreciation, on behalf of Seafish, our Panels and Board for Elaine's commitment to the organisation and her great contribution to Seafish over a period of change and challenge but ultimately success. It's testament to Elaine's hard work during her time as Chair that Seafish is in such a great place as an organisation ready to look forward to 2016.

Finally, on behalf of Seafish I'd like to wish all our friends and colleagues across industry a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.