Introducing our new 2016-17 Annual Plan

Posted by Marcus Coleman on 11 April 2016

My first three months at the helm of Seafish have simply flown by. I am very grateful for the many warm welcomes and generous advice offered from everyone that I have met so far. I am also very impressed with the knowledge and commitment shown by all our Seafish staff and I have a real sense of their passion for serving the industry they love.
Having a clear, unambiguous sense of purpose and direction is a characteristic common to successful organisations. At Seafish, our three-year Corporate Plan provides not just that clear direction, but a solid mandate from industry; the document is shaped by the Seafish Sector Panels at the heart of our structure, and guided, supported and scrutinised every step of the way.

We are now at the end of the first year of that three-year plan and will be presenting our results in our Year-One Delivery Report; that document will be available shortly so that industry stakeholders can review for themselves the work Seafish is doing on their behalf.
Whilst we are finalising the Year One Delivery Report we are pleased to be publishing our Annual Plan for 2016-17.

The Annual Plan builds on the good work already completed and sets out what we hope to achieve this year; guided by industry, our outcomes should deliver a real and lasting impact for our stakeholders.
Finally, I am mindful that it won't be too long before our attention will need to turn to defining the requirements of stakeholders so that we can start to construct the next Corporate Plan 2018-21. There is some good 'horizon-scanning' work going on looking at longer term challenges and this, together with many other inputs, will be useful reference points. I would love to hear from any Seafish stakeholders about their hopes and aspirations for the industry in the longer term. Please feel free to get in touch.
Here's to a profitable, sustainable and socially responsible year ahead.