A fond farewell

Posted by Paul Williams, Chief Executive on 11 May 2015

As many of you will already have heard, I am leaving Seafish towards the end of this year. So why have I chosen this moment to announce that I am stepping down as Chief Executive? It really is all to do with the fact that, for the first time in many years, I feel that I am leaving behind an organisation that is focused, well organised, well run, and has a stable future - well, at least for a few years. Whoever comes in as my successor, they will be inheriting an operation that is doing great things and is increasingly recognised as doing so. Of course, not everyone in the UK seafood industry agrees with that, which will probably always be the case, but I think many influential voices in seafood industry would now say that Seafish makes an important and meaningful contribution.

Part of that stability is that Seafish now has a new Corporate Plan, signed off and agreed by all four Fisheries Ministers. We want to make sure as many people as possible understand the objectives of the Plan and what we hope to achieve in the next three years, so we are taking the new Corporate Plan on tour. We are holding seven meetings, aiming to cover as much of the UK as possible. I will be at every meeting and we will also have a representative of the Seafish Board and someone from our Panels. It should be a great opportunity for anyone who is interested in the future of Seafish to get a good understanding of our ambitions.